Peru is a vast country, with an area of 1,285,216 km2, and contains some of the most varied geography in South America, comprising three distinct regions: the dry coastal desert, the mountainous Andean highlands and the verdant Amazon Basin. The capital city is Lima, located 12º south of the equator on the Pacific coast.

The time zone in the whole country coincides with Eastern Standard Time in the U.S. (GMT -5). The country has approximately 30 million inhabitants of which 38% are people of mixed indigenous and Spanish blood (known as mestizo), 15% are white (with no indigenous blood) and 4% are black, Asian or from other backgrounds.  However by far the largest ethnic group, at 43% of the population, is indigenous.  The majority of Peru’s indigenous population live in highland areas and speak Quechua, although there are a few Aymara speaking communities near Lake Titicaca.  Although the Amazonian lowlands make up more than half of Peru’s area only about 6% of the population live there.

Peru has enjoyed relatively stable democratic government for around 25 years now and the current president is Ollanta Humala.

The Andean world is famous for its ancient cultures and fabulous constructions of its pre-hispanic architects, as well as its beautiful colonial cities which are still lived in today.  However we believe that the true magic of this region lies not in the undeniably rich cultural heritage left by man, but in the awe-inspiring and quite incomparable beauty of its mountain landscapes.  The seductive charm of the Andes is to be found in glorious mountain ranges such as The Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash, which tempt dedicated walkers and climbers from around the world.
Despite the obvious attractions of such dramatic tropical mountain ranges, because of lack of infra-structure and political instability, it wasn’t until the 1980s when adventure sports really began to take off in Peru.  It was an authentic awakening; a discovery that the mountains (sacred guardians according to local lore) could once again protect local communities, this time through the burgeoning tourist industry.  As year after year new generations of adventurers discover the joys of climbing, trekking, camping, riding and paragliding in this vast unspoilt wilderness.  Governments have been compelled to respect the value of this unique environment and the culture of its inhabitants and to take steps to protect them.
Because of the sheer size and variety of the Peruvian mountain ranges.  All outdoor-lovers, whatever their abilities and interests, will always have the opportunity to embrace a new challenge that will take them to the limit.  Prepare yourself to achieve something really exceptional and be part of the fantastic Peruvian adventures that await.

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