Best months: May to september
Time required: 7 days Climbing
Grade: Moderate / Technical

Quebrada Ishinca is a large valley surrounded by spectacular summits. There is big vertical relief here. The upper valley floor, which is wide relatively flat and comforting with its grasslands and stands of Quenual trees, is about 4350m. Several of the surrounding peaks tower to heights of over 6000meters with many more between 4000 and 5000 meters in the range.

Because of the great variety of climbs surrounding the Ishinca Valley, the area is suitable for climbers of all abilities.

For those climbers with less experience, this is also a good choice for training and preparation for taking skills to higher summits. Depending on the group, we include varied levels of additional instruction, including belay skills, more advance ice climbing techniques and instruction on high altitude climbs.

Before attempting any peak in the Ishinca valley we suggest that you should have trekked 4 days minimum for a good acclimatization and fitness.

Urus, 5450m is a great peak, involving somewhat steeper climbing, especially on the summit structure.

Ishinca, 5550m is perhaps the most technically straightforward in the valley. It is still a big climb, however, involving glacier travel and a significant elevation gain above our base camp. We may chose to place a high camp, both to break up an otherwise long day and to further acclimatize to high elevations.

Tocllaraju, a large summit at the head of the valley. This is the most demanding of the three climbs mentioned here and requires a high camp before reaching its 6035m high summit. On Tocllaraju we will put all of our skills to the test, climbing steeping belayed pitches on the upper part of the climb.


Day 1: Leaving Huaraz early we drive a short way north, downstream in the Callejon de Huaylas. Then we turn east and climb up to the town of Collón. From here, we load our equipment onto donkeys and begin the easy trek into Base Camp. The trek normally takes only about 4 hours.

Day 2: We attempt the summit of Urus (4450). Slightly steeper climbing and more complicated moraine travel.

Day 3: Have a rest day or use in case a bad weather

Day 4: We climb the summit of Ishinca (5550m). Slightly steeper climbing and more complicated glacier travel will take us to one of the most awesome summits in the valley.

Day 5: With the help of porters, we’ll move to high camp (4900m.) and enjoy an afternoon’s in preparation for the summit attempt for the following day.

Day 6: Summit day Tocllaraju (6035m) This is an excellent climb for climbers who want to summit a 6,000 meter peak because it’s relatively easy for its impressive height. In the afternoon we descend to the base camp.

Day 7: Return to Huaraz and celebrate

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