Best time: May to October
From 3 to 6 days
moderate / difficult

Our ice and rock climbing instruction program is designed for enthusiastic people who are looking to start having experiences on ice and rock adventure climbs. The climbing courses offer a chance for beginners to learn the special skills required for ice and rock climbing and for strong and experienced ice and rock climbers to improve and enjoy the thrill of climbing.

The Peru rock climbing instruction course includes ropes, knots, practice on rock, using crampons & ice axe, self arrests, glacier travel, crevasse awareness, crevasse rescue, rappel, belay, lead climbing, snow stakes, ice screws, ice climbing.  On the last day there is a climb to the summit of Vallunaraju. Also ice climbing, advanced crevasses rescue practice and rescue techniques. We offer a choice of fabulous course locations: Vallunaraju 5686 and Pastoruri 5250m.

Beginners: If you are new and have never had rock climbing instruction before, we do have experienced Peruvian UIAGM guides who will provide suitable instruction and supervision on rock and Ice climb equipment management and easy rock and Ice routes to climb. Don’t worry about your lack of experience, once you start you will never want to stop!! We can advise you on your suitability for the alternative courses.
We offer a very personalized and flexible program of climbing and mountaineering courses in the Cordillera Blanca Mountains. Rather than running courses on set dates, we arrange activities for individuals and groups at mutually convenient times (at any time of year outside the main alpine season of July-September). We find this fits in much better with people’s work schedules, and there is no doubt that two or three short training/climbing sessions, properly spaced, can be much better preparation for an alpine holiday than a single course, as it allows time in between for specific training and working on weaker areas.
We have a ‘fast track’ approach: by tailoring the course to individual needs we can cover as much in 2 or 3 days. All courses are run by IFMGA – UIAGM mountain guides who are experts in all aspects of climbing and mountaineering.
Skills covered on the Rock Climbing course include:
• Rope work (knots, hitches, rope coiling methods)
• Belaying techniques and how to hold falls
• Coaching of climbing techniques including balance and footwork (smearing and edging), using handholds (jamming, crimping, palming) and other valuable techniques (bridging chimneying, rock-overs, dynamic moves, long reaches)
• Effective communication (an important safety feature)
• Efficient use of the climbing equipment (handling the rope and karabiners etc)
• Organisation of the hardware on the harness
• Use of natural protection (wires, cams, slings, hexcentrics and chocks)
• Setting up of anchors to make a secure belay
• Stance organisation
• Abseiling with prussic protection
• Using prussiks
• Judgment in rock climbing (perhaps the biggest safety factor)
• Next step – how to develop your rock climbing after the course
• The Alps has always provided great winter climbing conditions with typically low and stable temperatures forming some amazing ice. Conditions are generally at their best during January and February.

Designed for enthusiasts of pure ice – the courses offer a chance to learn the special skills of ice climbing from beginner level and the opportunity for strong and experienced ice climbers to push their grades and enjoy the thrill of climbing spectacular vertical icefalls.

Introductory Ice: course ratio 2:1: Training and instruction in pure ice climbing with multi-pitch routes for ice beginners. There will be opportunity to try leading on pitches of grade II/III standard under the expert supervision of your guide. We recommend that all applicants for this course should have some previous rock climbing experience (indoors or outdoors) and have done some general winter or Summer Alpine mountaineering using ice axe and crampons.

Intermediate/Technical Ice: course ratio 2:1: Aimed at regular climbers with previous experience of winter climbing who want to enjoy steeper ice coupled with genuine mountain adventure. Each course will offer a mixture of tuition and training on shorter accessible icefalls and adventurous longer routes with real mountain challenges eg: 200m. There’ll be opportunities to lead under a guide’s supervision. Applicants should have previous winter climbing experience plus plenty of rock climbing. This ensures that you will have the strength and stamina in arms and legs to enjoy more sustained and steeper ice routes.
Advanced Ice Course Ratio 2:1 For clients who have already developed the skills of waterfall ice climbing to WI4+ standard and want to expand their skills on longer, more difficult serious routes with the opportunity to pioneer some new routes and WI5+/6 in technical standard. One day is reserved for 1:1 ratio guiding on a route such as Alpamayo (400m) or Artezon (850m). The course gives clients the chance to lead on routes and to try dry-tooling and mixed climbs. Applicants should have previous ice climbing experience to and/or French grade VI +, including multi-pitch routes plus plenty of rock climbing.
We can advise on your suitability for the alternative courses.

Contact us: for detailed descriptions and prices for our climbing courses.