santacruz-pisco4Santa Cruz Trek & Pisco climbing

Best time: May to October
Timing: For 10 days
Grade: moderate / difficult

This rewarding ten day trek and climb in the Cordillera Blanca offers some of the most stunning mountain panoramas in the Americas.
Hike through the very heart of the Cordillera, where Peru’s highest mountains soar thousands of feet above. The Santa Cruz trek works its way over a high mountain pass, catching stunning views of the surrounding glaciated peaks.

Santa Cruz & Climbing Vallunaraju

Best time: May to September
Timing: 7 days
Grade: moderate / difficult

Experience your first mountain climbing on Vallunaraju which is suitable for beginners. The Santa Cruz trek is a good walk for acclimatization and is one of the most popular circuits in the Huaraz area.

Santa Cruz Ulta & Climb Ishinca Three Peaks

Best time: May to September
Timing: For 13 days
Grade: moderate / difficult

The Santa Cruz Ulta trek is by far the most popular multi-day hike in the range with pristine meadows, plentiful wild flowers, red Quenua trees, turquoise lakes, white glaciers. It is gorgeous.

Ulta trek – Pisco & Huascaran

Best time: June to August
Timing: 16 – 18 days Trek and Climb
Grade: difficult (Climbing section only)

Combine a 6 day Santa Cruz Trek with a moderate climb to the peak of Pisco, then continue onto the more challenging Huascaran. The Santa Cruz ulta trek takes you through wonderful landscapes of the cordillera Blanca, passing through many wonderful valleys with glacial lakes and lots of beautiful flowers.  We will also pass several small farms and rural villages such as Huaripampa and Colcabamba.

Alpamayo Circuit & Climbing Ishinca

Best time: May to October
Timing: For 16 days
Grade: moderate / difficult

The Cordillera Blanca provides one of the most varied landscapes for trekking and climbing in the world.

There are more than 50 peaks of 5700m of higher, including Huascarán at 6768m – the highest mountain in Peru and also the beautiful

Huasyhuash Diablo Mudo And Pumarinri

Best time: May to September
Timing: 15 days Trek
Grade: challenging

Have a really adventurous vacation, combining the famous Huayhuash trek with climbing two high non-technical peaks, Pumarinri and Diablo Mudo. The fantastic ice range of the Cordillera Huayhuash is one of the world’s classic trekking circuits; and adding these two peaks will make it even more fun and challenging for those people who are looking for some extra adrenaline on their Andean expedition.