Best months: May to september
Time required: 5 days Climbing
Grade: Dificult

Chopicalqui is a mountain located immediately behind Peru’s highest mountain, Huascaran 6768, and the Huandoy mountains. Chopicalqui may be a little lower than those giant peaks but it is still a serious climb at an elevation of 6350m. and requires a great deal of technical ability.  To scale Chopicalqui it is necessary to have experience climbing on snow and using ice axe, crampons and rope.

Glacier conditions change and what was an easy walk across a glacier one year may be a difficult passage through crevasses for the next season.  What does not change however are the superb views of the two Huascaran peaks, the Huandoy group, and Chacraraju that can be enjoyed from the summit!

Before attempting Chopicalqui we suggest that you should trek for a minimum of 6 days and have climbed a 5000m peak to ensure a good acclimatization and fitness.

Day 1: We travel to base camp Chopicalqui.
Day 2: Continue to Moraine camp.
Day 3: To high camp.
Day 4: Summit day on Chopicalqui Return to Morena Camp
Day 5: Return to Huaraz.
Day 6: Extra day in case of bad weather

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