Altitude : 3700 to 4450 m
Grade: Easy to Moderate
Duration : 1 day Start : In Churup

Churup Lake (4,485m). This short hike gives our bodies a chance to begin the process of adapting to altitude while relishing the landscape of Churup, its azure glacial lake at the foot of the snow-capped mountain by the same name.

The trek to Laguna Churup is a fantastic hike affording excellent views of the valley below. It is located almost directly behind the city of Huaraz. We will go with our private minivan or taxi passing through the villages of Unchus and Llupa on the way.

We will drive all the way up to a national park check-point called Pitec which is about 3 hours walk from the lake. From here a small footpath will take us up to the lake via a steep ascent.

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