Best time: May to September
Timing: 11 to 13 days
Grade: Diffilcult

The Cordillera Blanca provides one of the most varied landscapes for trekking and climbing in the world.

There are more than 50 peaks of 5700m of higher, including Huascarán at 6768m – the highest mountain in Peru and also the beautiful pyramid-shaped summit of Alpamayo. There are blue lakes, high passes, glaciers, awesome vertical walls and spectacular campsites. A highlight is our visit to the base camp of Alpamayo (5947m) one of the world’s greatest mountains.

Day A: Arrive in Huaraz
Day B & C: Huaraz / Acclimatization walks.
Day 1: Drive 5 hours to Hualcayan 2900m. Visits to Yungay & Caraz market
Day 2: Hualcayan to Wishcash 4300m.  4 to 5 hours hiking
Day 3: Hike up to Laguna Cullicocha 4650m, Cullicocha pass 4950 then Osoruri pass 4750m. Camp at Ruinapampa 3800m. 8 hours
Day 4: Ruinapampa to Cruze Alpamayo 4150m. 3 to 4 hours.
Day 5: Extra night at Cruze Alpamayo Camp. Visit Laguna Jancarurish or Alpamayo Base Camp (4500m).
Day 6: Climb to Cara pass 4830m then traverse to Mesapata pass 4500m and camp at Safuna. 4200m 7 hours
Day 7: Safuna to Pucajirca pass 4600m and camp at Jancapampa 3600m 7 hours
Day 8: Tupatupa pass 4400m and camp beside Laguna Huecrococha 3950m. 7 hours
Day 9: Alto de Pacaraju pass 4650m to camp at Tuctubamba 3950m. 7 hours
Day 10: An extra night at Tuctubamba. Day trip to the beautiful Punta Union pass 4750m Or rest day
Day 11: To the village of Colcabamba then to camp at Molino Pampa in Quebrada Keshu 3600m. 7 hours
Day 12: A steady climb to a high campsite called Avalanche Campsite at 4650m.
4 hours
Day 13: Ascent to Punta Yanayacu pass 4850m then descend to Ulta ravine. Return to Huaraz

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